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7 Seven steps to attracting your soul mate

THEY say love makes the world goes round. And they’d be spot on. When we love and are loved unconditionally by a tippety-top-tastic perfect partner, life makes sense.

And the sex is pretty amazing, too! No wonder we’re all so keen to meet Ôthe one’.

 Here’s how you might.

 Say it, say it, and say it again

Too often we say, “I don’t want this in my life,” and forget to state what we do want. Saying “I don’t want to be single any more” isn’t going to help Mr Right to turn up. Neither does declaring “I hate men!” So start changing your love tune by positively putting it out there that you’re ready for romance, and looking forward to meeting an amazing man.

Write a wish list

Say you’re going on holiday. You make a list of what you need to take with you, right? It helps everything go as well as you hope. So try doing the same for your love life. Think of it as a map, guiding you to the gorgeous guy you’d do anything to be with.

 Make a list of everything you’d like your soul mate to be… confident, affectionate, funny, healthy, for example. Add to it as you think of new things, the more detailed the better. There are plenty of tales of the women who asked for and met someone kind, intelligent, financially stable but forgot to ask for Ôsingle’ or Ôheterosexual.’ Erk!

Man? Who needs a man?

It’s one of life’s many paradoxes that the best way to be irresistibly attractive and attract and keep a fantastic relationship is to not need one. Most of us remember the guy we couldn’t stand but who kept calling. And the scrummy sex god who just wouldn’t bite no matter what devilish delights we dangled before him. So, if you aren’t totally in love with your life, start doing something about it!

Transform your bedroom into a love lair

Do you feel fabulous whenever you’re in your bedroom and can’t wait to lure a lover there? If not, get decorating! But first things first. Remove old diaries, love letters, teddies – anything to do with past relationships (however good) – you’re focusing on future happiness now. Next, think about colour. Specifically red and pink if you want to heat up your life. It’s not for nothing that both are universally associated with love and passion. Don’t go mad, though. Maybe a pair of red cushions or a pink throw. Then lie back and think of him…

Make you into Ms Right

Before Mr Right can show up, it’s your job to make sure you’re his Ms Right. Write a list of the essential qualities and character traits you really want your partner to have, and then work on being those things yourself. Simple, and super-effective. If you’re holding out for a sociable, outdoorsy type who runs his own company and you’re a gym-avoiding hermit who’s never shown any entrepreneurial flair, there’s unlikely to be sparks, non? Like attracts like.

Get out there!

So you know what his favourite film will be and how many children you’ll have, but have you covered the basics? It’s surprising how many singletons put all their efforts into conjuring the dream lover in their imagination but then forget to physically get out and about, getting to know people in the real world. Because that’s where you’re going to find each other. Whether it’s randomly at a bar or through friends, you’re guy is out there somewhere. And if you’re to meet and make magic together, you need to be to.

Date lots of different men

“Don’t get wrapped up with just one guy,” advises Talane Miedaner, the very happily married author of The Secret Laws Of Attraction – The Effortless Way To Get The Relationship You Want (McGraw Hill). “We’re all looking for that one in a million, but how many people have you actually dated? Thirty? That’s a long way from a million. It would certainly improve your true love odds if you saw a few more people.” Think of it this way: every date and/or relationship takes you a step closer to Mr Sexy Soul Mate.


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