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#1 A Ghanaian nurse share his a woman praised her of doing good.

#1 A Ghanaian nurse share how a woman praised her of doing a good job.

Mz Kancy said”
I traveled to Togo πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡¬ yesterday to purchase some things. While i was exploring de market, i finally found what i was looking for and started making my purchases. In that moment, a woman suddenly hugged me tightly. i didn’t recognize her, but her excitement made me hesitant to ask who she was. With a confused smile, i nodded to acknowledge her presence, while people around us watched.

Eventually, she realized that i didn’t remember her and said, “Madam nurse, …. Municipal hospital Children’s Ward. You took excellent care of my daughter & showed me great respect.” I was taken aback becoz i had worked in the pediatric ward in 2021, and i didn’t have dreadlocks at that time. Moreover, i was a bit heavier in weight back then, so i couldn’t understand how she recognized me. She paid for my items😊

Upon returning home, i couldn’t stop thinking about de whole incident. I wondered what would have happened if I had treated this woman and her daughter poorly. It is often said that people tend to forget the good things that others do for them, but they rarely forget the wrongs. I have encountered people in town who smile at me, and when I ask who they are, they always refer back to their visit to the hospital, saying, “Madam, you don’t remember me?”

I remember one particular incident during my first clinical rotation at Bongo District Hospital. There was a man diagnosed with a hernia who was scheduled for surgery the next day. I helped push him to the operating theater, and later on, he was transferred back to the ward after a successful procedure. He improved over time and was discharged home. A week after his discharge, he returned to the hospital specifically looking for me. He couldn’t recall my name and referred to me as “the tall nurse.” Unfortunately, he came in the morning, and i was scheduled for the afternoon shift.

 He patiently waited until i arrived, and when he saw me, he shouted with joy, saying, “My daughter, you’re here! I have something for you.” He took 1gh out of his pocket and handed it to me with a beaming smile.

I tried to decline, explaining that it was unprofessional for nurses to accept money from their patients. However, he insisted, and it was clear that the gesture came from his heart. My ward in-charge was present, witnessing the whole scene, and he nodded, indicating that I should accept it. That 1gh became so dear to me that i neva thought of spending it.

But encountering the woman in Togo brought about an entirely different feeling. It made me realize that everyone, not just nurses, should strive to treat others with kindness. Your actions can come back to you in ways you could never imagine. Have you ever done something good for someone, only to have them kneel and pray for God’s protection over your life? It is a tremendous blessing, and no one can harm those who do good.”


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