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#1 how to stop fornication

But just give me 1 minute of your time believe me you will never regret reading this.
You can’t finish reading this and your life remain the same, never .
Whenever I post something here its prophetic and the direction from the Throne of Grace .
Please read this!!!
We met a man this morning when we where buying something to eat, at a restaurant.
I heard a very audible voice saying, talk to that man sitting there and immediately i said sir, i want to talk to you, he replied, sure sir.
I said can I pray for you, he said yes Sir, just at the mall we went in the car ,I prayed for him there ,just after praying i told him that there’s a spirit that i saw that follows you everywhere you go, i saw it as i held your hand just now as we where praying.
Each time you touch something good, it slips off your hands.
He replied shocking, yes yes yes!!!
Last year In the month of April you lost your job and in June you were duped off all your savings by a man from Angola who claimed that is into business of precious stones!!!
In tears 😭 😭 he screamed yes sir, how did you know all this? I laughed.
Sir your father is dead? He replied yes, did he one day open his mouth and tell you that you will never experience happiness in your life?
He replied, yes sir?
He replied, yes sir and the day i came back 4 days before he dead, he said that i will never know happiness in my life and from that day anything I touch results into failure.
I prayed for him and God delivered him from that curse that was working against him.
Let me shock you, do you know that every bad word spoken by a parent over a child must happen either you like it or not, that’s why most of you who are reading this post is suffering from.
Words are powerful.
Words can build and destroy.
I don’t know who spoke a word that is working against you and everything you touch!!!
Listen whether they are alive or dead, immediately you Type Amen and share this post to 5 different Facebook groups , those words are reversed in Jesus mighty name!!!
Don’t take this lightly.
This is your moment of joy and happiness.
Many people will be delivered just now.
Don’t ignore



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